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superior sheds

Superior Sheds, built in Williamston, SC, come with all the bells and whistles, starting with the following features:

  • LP Smart Siding, LP Smart Lap, Vinyl, Board & Batten, and Steel Siding
  • LP ProStruct Flooring
  • Solar Shield Roofing and Radiant Barrier Standard (Bubble Insulation for Steel)
  • Metal and Shingle Roofs
  • Sherwin-Williams A100 Paint
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Utility Sheds

Utility Sheds are available in sizes ranging from 8×8 to 12×44 and can vary from a basic shed with a 6ft double door up to the pool house of your dreams!



The gabled roof allows for overhead storage, making the most out of your space!


Cabin Styles

Cabin style sheds add a flare to your shed that cannot be replicated. Enhance your backyard with a stylish front porch or corner porch!

Garage   Superior Sheds


Garage-style sheds come with 12″ on center flooring, a diamond plate threshold, and a garage door up to 7×7.

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Economy Garages

Economy Garages feature carport-grade steel siding and a 6×6 roll-up door. Sizes range from 10×12, 10×16, to 12×16.


Dog Kennels

The Dog Kennels come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 8′ x 8′ to 12′ x 20′. The number of bays in each kennel varies to accommodate your specific needs.

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Southeastern Buildings come standard with:

  • LP Smart Siding or Steel Lap Siding
  • ¾ Inch Yellow Pine Flooring
  • 4×6 Runners
  • Metal Roof
  • Valspar Exterior Paints for Wood; 10 year Powder coat for steel
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8x10 ridgeline shed (1)

The Ridgeline

The Ridgeline is the flagship building from Southeastern Buildings, featuring an A-Frame roof and a multitude of options. Sizes range from 8×8 to 12×50.

10x12 Storage 600x399

The Storage

The Storage model features a flipped pitch, allowing for a lower roof. This design helps to tuck the portable shed into areas with lower clearance.


frontier series

The Frontier

Southeastern’s Barn style shed, known as the Frontier Model, features a unique roof pitch that allows for more overhead space.


The Estate

Estate models feature Super Tall walls at 8 feet high. The roof pitch is flattened to accommodate DOT regulations for travel.



Any standard Southeastern Building can be upgraded to a Garage model by adding a garage door. Different models have size restrictions on the garage doors, but they are available from 6ft x 6ft to 8ft x 7.5ft.


The Veranda

The Southeastern Building cabin style sheds are available with either a Ridgeline or Frontier base, and porches can be either 4ft or 6ft.

East Carolina Outdoor Products LLC R5

East Carolina Outdoor Products LLC specializes in custom-built wooden sheds, available in a range of sizes from compact 8’x8′ structures to spacious 14’x40′ models.

Our sheds are constructed using high-quality materials and can be tailored to meet your exact specifications, including options for windows, doors, and more. Sheds can be ordered in specific areas.

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Classic Utility

Classic Utility

The Classic Series building includes 7/16’’ 4’’ on center grooved LP® SmartSide® with 5/50 year limited warranty and radiant barrier technology. The Classic comes standard with 16″ on center 2×4 wall studs, 3/4″ LP® ProStruct® Flooring with Gorilla Glue Technology.

Classic Barn

Classic Barn

The Classic Barn building is your basic barn style shed with loft options. Includes LP® SmartSide® with 5/50 year limited warranty, 16″ on center 2×4 wall studs, and 3/4″ LP® ProStruct® Flooring with Gorilla Glue Technology.


Premium Sheds

The Premium Series building is identical to the Classic series with the exception of horizontal 8″ LP® Lap siding overtop a SmartSide® and radiant barrier backing. Lap siding is designed with HOA and neighborhood guidelines in mind.

Cabin (1)

Cabin Models

From cozy lake cabins to expansive hunting lodges, each cabin model is crafted with precision and care to ensure a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Economy Shed

Economy Shed

Backed by the ECOP quality and craftsmanship warranty, this budget-friendly shed offers more storage for less, with custom color options to match your home.

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

Built to provide the most bang for your buck, this building doesn’t have a lot of options but it will save you a lot of money!

Backyard Barns Plus Inverted Color

Built local, delivered local, and supporting local families.

All of Backyard Barns Plus portable buildings are built with LP Smart Siding, 2×6 floor joist, and 20/40 Year Metal roofing! Sizes ranging from 8×8 – 16×50, with build on site available!

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Your standard A-Frame roof shed is built with tall walls, prepped, and caulked, ready for paint!



Barn style sheds feature gambrel roofs, allowing you to add lofts for additional overhead storage.


Cabin Style

Cabin style sheds are available with front, corner, or center porches, and a variety of house doors to match your needs.